My world of art.

My name is Alexandra Nellus and I am an artist from Malmö, now living in Stockholm.

My art and design interests began at an early age when I followed my mother that also is an artist on every exhibition she was showing around Skåne.

I grew up in a family surrounded by artist, musicians, architects and woodworkers and they taught me not to be afraid and to experiment with whatever lays in my hand.

It was mainly during my time at college, studying at a design school in Florence, Italy that my passion for art and design developed further. Surrounded by artists and creative people where ever I turned it was easy to explore and be inspired.

I have ever since then been using my free time to be creative and try out new techniques.

I get my inspiration on daily basis from my work as an Interior Designer but still the best sources of inspiration I do pick up from my journeys travelling the world.

My artistic goal is to create abstract art that takes you closer to the nature without moving. 

I work with various acrylic techniques and mixed media on both canvas and paper.


Studio in Värmdö, Stockholm Archipelago.